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Throw Out a Line...You Never Know What You Might Catch

~ Originally Posted March 2, 2012 at 11:30 PM

Jesus told me to go fishing.

Just when you question why you do what you do, along comes that moment that makes you say - THAT's why I do what I do.

Tonight we went to a Seniors Residence in the middle of Ottawa.  Being in the middle of a city with over 1,000,000 people, what is the chance that you'd meet up with someone who knew you.  But we did. 

There was a couple right in the front row.  He came in with a walker, she was in a wheelchair, hooked up to several tubes.  They seemed to be really enjoying the music......loved Colin on the fiddle.....Rhiannah dancing...They sang along with the songs and then at the end, as the co-ordinator was thanking us for coming, they spoke up.  The man mentioned how we were a gift for their family.  I tried to get over to speak to them, but was waylaid by several others (all with great encouragement) and by the time I was free, they were gone.

Afterwards, the co-ordinator explained who they were - the names didn't mean anything to me, although the woman's face had seemed familiar.  Then, with tears in her eyes, she explained that the woman had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She explained that this couple listened to a tape all the time - it was a twenty-year old recording done by the Acres Family Singers (my family!!)  Their gift was to see the next generation continuing a tradition that they had received so much joy from! 

I struggle with our ministry at times.  I love to make music - I love to bring smiles to people's faces - I love to share about Jesus through music - but it doesn't feed the hungry or clothe the poor.  It doesn't travel to far off countries to care for orphans.  It doesn't build schools, or dig wells.  But after tonight, maybe in the midst of the music, someone heard how God loves him, how Jesus takes the worthless and makes them worthy, maybe someone's pains were eased, broken hearts were healed, and maybe even a little bit of heavenly joy snuck into the cooling embers to relight their faith fire. 


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