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The Gallaghers have been singing together since Dad & Mom (Alan & Debbie) met on their first day of college in London, Ontario, where both were studying Music Industry Arts.  Debbie had already been performing with her family (Acres Family Singers) throughout Eastern Ontario and the northern U.S., and once married, Alan joined the group.  After the birth of their first child, Caileigh, Alan & Debbie continued to perform at churches, fairs and community events as a couple.  As more children arrived, they gradually moved on stage as well. 

A constant change in instrumentation as the kids become more proficient adds to the variety of their show.  Alan plays rhythm guitar while Ryan plays rhythm, lead and banjo. Rhiannah plays bass and ukelele while Colin keeps the beat with percussion instruments from drums, to bohdran and cajon. Debbie plays keyboards and Caileigh takes the lead vocals with occasional fill-ins on drums, keyboards and rhythm instruments, as needed.  As the family grows, they blend their family-friendly, faith-filled performances with familiar and original music. 


With a celtic name and a heritage in musical entertainment going back four generations, the Gallaghers have also become a tradition for many events including local memorial services, senior homes, St. Patrick's day celebrations and many church functions.


Osgoode has been blessed by the music of the Gallagher family at July 1 Celebrations for a number of years.  This year, they were instrumental in arranging sound for us and playing well-rounded music [program of] country, gospel, folk, fiddle and dance.  They are a joy to listen to and can really make the community proud of their homegrown roots.  The people of Osgoode and Canada Day Committee will be looking forward to having the Gallagher's back again.


 - Greg Thurlow, Osgoode Canada Day Chairperson

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