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~Originally posted July 18, 2010 at 5:42 PM

You never know what might inspire others!  A few months back, we had the pleasure of seeing and hearing an amazing family band called the Daae Family from Saskatchewan - they were making a quick tour of Eastern Ontario and came one Sunday morning to our church.

What a blessing - 4 kids (just like us), 2 girls, 2 boys (they had added a couple of spouses too - we are not there yet - thank God!!)  It was so inspiring to see these young people doing what we were doing, on a much better, larger scale.  But it inspired our children - there was a renewed fervour to practice their instruments, and to learn new ones.  Rhiannah (8 y.o.) saw one of the girls playing bass and started pestering her dad that that was the instrument that she wanted to play! 

We went to a few music stores, but she needed a small bass and everybody was sold out - they were fairly expensive too because they were special orders.  But Rhiannah kept up the pressure.  At the end of June, we were out one night to pick up some sound equipment for Canada Day and stopped by our local music store.  There at the end of the row was a short-necked, sparkly-purple bass guitar!  We got a great deal - I think they were happy to get rid of the "fancy purple" bass - but it was perfect for us. 

Last night, July 17th, Rhiannah had her first public performance - her fingers got tired and she only played a few pieces, but the dream that was inspired a few months ago has started to be realized.  Colin also performed for the first time on drums - another Daae Family inspiration!  God's gifts are meant to be used, to praise Him and inspire others to praise - may we one day pay that forward!!


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