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In Sickness and In Health

~ Originally Posted May 30, 2014 at 8:40 AM

At the age of 21, rarely do we look at our marriage vows and think about how huge these promises are that we are making to one another.  As Alan and I "celebrated" our 26th anniversary this past week, he wondered when we would get to exercise the 'for richer' part of our vows.....

For those of you who don't know, we have been struggling with a mysterious health issue for most of the month of May.  Somehow, I (Debbie) managed to get an infection in my neck which resulted in the loss of mobility in my right side that was progressing into my left side by the time I had emergency surgery removing my disc, the infection and grafting a piece of my hip into my neck.  For the next 8 weeks I will be on a heavy dose of antibiotics, in a neckbrace and working hard in rehab to regain control and mobility.  Our "celebration" of our anniversary was at the Civic Hospital Emergency department trying to figure out what was going wrong!   That was the 'in sickness' part.  Alan came through with flying colours.  I only hope and pray I would be half as patient, calm and loving as he has been to me, if the shoe were on the other foot!

Through it all though, I believe we have already been exercising the 'for richer' part for quite some time now.  


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