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If Necessary, Use Words

~ Originally Posted April 25, 2013 at 9:50 PM

Recently, we were contacted to provide the "gospel" portion of a large 2-3 day event.  At the end of the conversation, the contact person let me know that this was her first year doing this and she wanted to include a gospel portion of the festival, but we were her second choice.  The first group had turned her down because they were "Christians" and there would be alcohol being consumed at this event.  The contact was hurt - because it was implied that she wasn't a Christian because she was organizing this event.

I've been running into this attitude a lot lately.  Not just about drinking, or Christianity.  Just people judging others by their own standards.  And, of course, I'm questioning my own "judgments."

I can't help but recall that Jesus ate and drank with sinners.  His first miracle was turning water into wine.  I don't know if He consumed alcohol, but I know that he didn't condemn those who did.  He loved them.  And He hung out with them.  And that's what we've felt God calling us to do.  Through sports, work, music, life....

St. Francis of Assisi is attributed with the quote "Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words."  Our goal as a family.


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