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Full Circle - Patterns in the Tapestry of Life

~ Originally Posted March 5, 2018 at 1:00 PM

It is funny how life comes full circle over and over again. I look at it like God showing me a little bit of the intricate tapestry work he is weaving with my life. Too often I focus on the loose threads, the unsightly knots, the long bits that stretch from one side of the work to the other. And then God lets me see a glimpse of the front of the work - the beauty, the workmanship, but most importantly that the work was started from before I was born and is, as yet, incomplete.

We recently agreed to lead worship and music at a Family Camp this summer. First piece of thread - the organizing Pastor grew up down the road from our family farm (and where we still live); we went to the same schools - I went to his brother's birthday parties...small world...then our family crossed paths with him again as my son attended the Youth Group where he was leading (not at our home church, but where his best friend went) ...another thread... then again when Alan played hockey - they were on the same team. As we were chatting about all these connections, Pastor Joey mentioned his family connections with the Camp he now works with. His threads...and as he spoke, telling the story of how his parents started the camp as a retirement project and then sold it, I recalled another thread...

One of the very first fundraisers we did about 10 years ago was for a Christian camp - it was a Western Hoedown theme and we'd been contacted by a friend of ours (Paul Mussell) to help the group out. We also helped with their volleyball tournament later that summer. The camp was the same one Pastor Joey now worked with. But God wasn't done yet....

Pastor Joey then spoke about connecting us with the pastor who would be speaking that week, working with us for the 4 days, morning and evening services.  The name sounded familiar. Then I realized that we had worked with him at a wedding for friends of ours - the son of the same Paul Mussell who connected us with the Camp Cherith group...full circle...threads woven, knots tied and a lot of other pieces overlapping and criss-crossing, but making God's beautiful handiwork.

We are so looking forward to serving and worshipping Him with this awesome group of believers...more of God's handiwork to complete... 


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