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Encouraging Faith

~ Originally Posted October 24, 2011 at 3:45 PM

Where do you begin?   We have been so wonderfully blessed by many who have advised, encouraged and assisted us along this ministry road.  Our most recent need has been met in such an amazing way by friends who've travelled this road ahead of us.

Bonnie and Jerry Wallace of "Adventures in Art and Music" called a few days ago and left a message giving us their old trailer, because they had gotten a new one.  The best part of this was how it was received. 

Alan had been away all week in Toronto on business meetings.  We were all a little tired and impatient with each other and during our morning devotions, Colin had had enough.  He was mad at me and God and let both of us know!!  That night - he heard the message from the Wallaces and no words can describe the look that came over his face.  It was glowing like  nothing I've seen before.  He then went on to tell me why.

It seems that at our VBS this summer, Monica Fife, one of the leaders, had encouraged the kids to pray for something and not tell anyone about it and see if by next summer, God had answered their prayers.  Colin had prayed for a trailer for our musical equipment so we wouldn't be so squished in the van.  He has had prayers answered before - but never so directly.

I was blessed because God chose THIS day to answer that prayer.  The day that Colin was doubting and mad, God chose to directly answer his prayer - not a family prayer, or a prayer on his behalf, but a prayer that he had prayed!  God's timing is perfect 'cause He also answered my prayer that day too!!


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